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MoneySense Top 200To help you uncover some of the most promising stocks, MoneySense took a hard look at Canada's largest companies and graded each of them for investment appeal. Our fifth annual Top 200 is designed to be easy to use, logical and appealing to all types of investors. In fact, we think the Top 200 provides you with a more objective look at large Canadian stocks than you're likely to find from any other single source.

In creating this list we identified the largest 200 companies by revenue, as of November 4, 2008. We then evaluated each stock, first for its attractiveness as a value investment, then on its appeal as a growth investment. Our value and growth screens employ sophisticated measures of financial merit, but in the end we reduce everything about a stock to two grades — one for value appeal, one for growth potential.

Only nine stocks made our All-Around All-Stars list. To do that they had to achieve at least one A and one B on both the value and the growth tests.


How to use our tables

Our Top 200 list is interactive and easy to use. Sort the value and growth stock selections by any one of 20 financial ratios and performance figures simply by clicking on the respective column name. To reverse the order, click the column name again.

To load a profile page with all of our information about an income investment, click the stock or trust name. Create custom lists with ratios you select. Download the lists into a convenient spreadsheet.

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The value test
How we screened our stocks for value.

The growth test
How we picked the best growth stocks.

The all-star team
Only a select group of stocks — those that manage to achieve at least one A and one B on both the value and the growth tests — make our All-Around All-Stars. Only nine stocks made the grade this summer.

The complete list: Value | Growth | Spreadsheet download (.xls)

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