Saputo family
Net worth ($BIL): 4.34 Age: -
2011 Rank: 6 2010 Rank: 9


City: Montreal Industries: Food, real estate, transportation
Province: QC Companies: Saputo Inc.
Yellow card: Joey Saputo, son of Montreal dairy magnate Emanuele Saputo, is not quite as enamored with cheese as the rest of his family, though demand for such products boosted the company's stock in the early part of the year. He's president of the Montreal Impact, which joins Major League Soccer in 2012. The team has played in the North American Soccer League up until now, and its latest season has been dreadful. A group of rowdy fans walked out of a game this summer in protest, causing Saputo to attempt to smooth things over with an open letter. "We should not lose focus of what the future has in store for soccer and the city of Montreal," he wrote.

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