MBA Guide to Canada's full-time and part-time graduate business programs


Welcome to our annual survey of graduate-level business schools across Canada — a comprehensive resource covering everything an aspiring MBA or EMBA needs to know before choosing a program.

Our survey lists Canadian full-time and part-time MBA and executive MBA programs by tuition, program duration, admission requirements and class composition. We provide post-graduate employment and salary figures for graduates of each MBA school, and average work experience for EMBA participants.

With an unprecedented financial crisis dominating world events, this year we answer questions about the appropriateness of pursuing an MBA at this time. We also profile the experience of seven MBA students and find out why they're going this road and what they believe the education will do for them. Finally, EMBA programs get their due with a profile of offerings at 17 Canadian schools.

We hope our 17th annual MBA Guide helps you find the program that's right for you.

How to use our tables

The tables can be sorted in ascending and descending order by clicking on the name of the column of interest.

Clicking on a business school name loads a profile page with all of our information about that school.

Sections of the MBA guide can be emailed, printed out in a printer-friendly format, or downloaded into a spreadsheet. We invite you to share our survey on Facebook, Digg,, Stumble Upon, Newsvine and other social media sites.

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