The Investor 500: The top Canadian stocks

Welcome to our 10th annual ranking of Canada's 500 largest publicly traded companies. Over the years, we have endeavoured to fine-tune the list to make it more useful to investors, such as dividing stocks into large-, medium- and small-capitalization categories, and employing various screens to help separate future winners from losers. It remains a work in progress. To see how last year's screens performed, check out the "Look back" chart under the Best in class tab below.

Of course, picking winners in a market meltdown is near impossible. On this year's Investor 500, only 51 stocks, or 10.2%, showed a positive return for the 12-month period ending April 3. (Last year, by comparison, the number was 47%, which was also a difficult time for most investors.) Just 37 stocks had double-digit gains or better, and the average annual return was a dismal -32.8%. (Last year it was 13.6%.)

In the accompanying articles and mini tables we take a look at whether you should be bullish or bearish. We pick stocks in such categories as best growth, best value, best turnaround, best defensive and best managed. We also share some successful portfolio managers' favourite bets. And we rank the Top 25 companies by profit, market cap, revenue and one- and five-year return.

The Investor 500 was compiled by staff writer Calvin Leung and data manager Phil Froats using Bloomberg data.

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