The NHL's best and worst players and teams for the money

Hockey Salaries 2008: The best and worst for the money

Canadian Business Online put the NHL to the test to find the players who offer the best mix of high performance and low cost. These are the best value players. They're not necessarily hockey's most skilled in absolute terms — nor are they always the cheapest monetarily — but it's the dream team for fans and cash-strapped owners.

And who are the worst value players? Don't worry, we've put that team together as well. Our advice on these players is similar to last year — don't take these guys in your pool.


How to use the tables

The hockey salary and performance tables can be emailed, printed out or downloaded into a spreadsheet. Players and teams can be ranked by any of the data categories in the table simply by clicking on the column name. A second click on the same column name will reverse the display order. Custom views can be created for selected data categories.

Compensation is in U.S. dollars and is sourced from the NHL Players' Association plus applicable portions of the rookie bonus in Data is current to April 6, 2008.

For more details about our stats and how we used them, read our methodology.

Hockey Salaries 2008

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